Omnichannel digital solution

Want to transform from a pure play traditional brick-and-mortar business to Omnichannel?

Plinth has a unique 360-degree modular omnichannel solution that helps clients move from traditional to omnichannel retail, reducing friction and keeping your customers engaged and inspired.

Website & Mobile Apps


Operations Management

Scan and Go


Click and Collect

Customer Support

Right from building websites and mobile storefronts to marketing these digital assets to managing operations, streamlining supply chain to configuring the analytics and running customer support, our platform is an end-to-end solution.

Data Analytics and Workflow Optimization solution

Put context to a slew of data points – production and people, inventory and asset, thereby breaking down data into silos and providing valuable customer insights that can be potential game changers for your business.

Plinth’s comprehensive and flexible data management platform helps assist frontline operations be more efficient. Our D&A platform is a no code data gathering & visualization software which helps frontline teams in automating their workflows and processes.

Our unique solution helps businesses transform their core operations by organizing all their data, workflows, teams, and reports onto a single centralized platform. 

Plinth’s D&A no code platform enable endless customization and adapts to fit your company’s specific needs.

Navigating change and making your organization Fit for Future is every company’s goal.

Yet, very few organizations are structured, skilled and positioned to deal with change that brings future growth!

Plinth plans, executes and delivers transformation, simply.

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